Our goals

Be your partner dealer for the brands Breezer Aircraft and Niki Rotor Aviation.

Becoming your one stop shop for training, acquisition and maintenance of your next Gyrocopter, UL or LSA aircraft within France and the Benelux.

About Fly ' ULM

Passionate about aviation and involved within this sector of activities since many years, the founding staff demonstrate also experience in aerial work, pilot fly and aerial work process training as well as lobbying to defend the General Aviation threats from our supervising authorities.

Since early in 2013 with the background of our service company acting for prompt establishment of overfly permit, special airspace use and aerial work permit as well as providing staff and crew to our clients, it was a short step to enter the Gyrocopter and UL/LSA aircraft market with Fly'ULM as dealer for great and promising brands within this market.

Fly'ULM representatives and partners network sale, train and maintain the Breezer Aircraft and Niki Rotor Aviation gyrocopter within the Benelux and the French market.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have, we will be more than pleased to answer it as soon as possible.

Nice flights and many happy landings!