More passion. More safety.
Breezer Aircraft is the pure passion of flying. Hardly any other aircraft on the market combines essential flight characteristics so skillfully like a Breezer. This is also why the Breezer is considered the perfect all-rounder. It accompanies its pilots at every stage - whether they're still in training, or later during long trips - without overwhelming the pilot. A Breezer will never become boring. The fact that the designer is an avid air sportsman and club pilot himself is immediately noticeable.

In our airplane factory near the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea, the Breezer is created with careful precision work. The highest quality and best service are our top priority and are what make a Breezer so unique, prized and durable. For the mutual dream of flying. Passion - Manufactured in Germany.

Les Versions

ULM Sport
Vitesse: 245 km/h
Poids à vide: dès 298 kg
Autonomine: 5 heures
ULM B400
Vitesse: 200 km/h
Poids à vide: dès 289 kg
Autonomine: 4 heures
Vitesse: 190 km/h
Poids à vide: dès 358 kg
Rayon d'action 800 km.